Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lantern Fly

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Photographer: deadmanswill, Nanda Gopal

Location: Annavaram, AP, India

Insect Scout: Nanda Gopal

Species Identifier(s): Debbie Hadley (

Points to appreciate:
  • See how its eyes are almost undifferentiated from its head
  • Single upturned antenna on the head, like a horn. (Click on the second image to zoom on the head)
Notes from Wikipedia:
  • The family Fulgoridae is a large group of hemipteran insects, especially abundant and diverse in the tropics, containing over 125 genera world-wide. They are mostly of moderate to large size, many with a superficial resemblance to Lepidoptera due to their brilliant and varied coloration. Various genera and species (especially the genera Fulgora and Pyrops) are sometimes referred to as lantern flies, though they do not emit light.
  • The head of some species is produced into a hollow process, resembling a snout, which is sometimes inflated and nearly as large as the body of the insect, sometimes elongated, narrow and apically upturned.

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