Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome to Grasslords!

Welcome to Grasslords, wildlife in my garden! The first Indian blog exclusively on insects! Do you know every one of us lives very close to the wildlife, in fact amidst it? And yet, we are hardly aware of it. For us, wildlife means the beasts in jungles, thickets or large animals at the local zoo. But everyday we share our residences, offices, schools, shopping malls with a thousand other creatures of the wild. Yes, I am talking about the insects – true lords of the grass! They are so common and so small that we hardly consider them wildlife.

But when you pause to take a closer look at these marvels of nature, you will be astounded by the diversity, complexity and beauty of these GrassLords! Every creature is a product of millions of years of evolution and a true wonder. They come in various sizes and shapes. Some are so small that a square patch of grass in your backyard is an Amazon for them. All you have to do to witness this world is go to your garden or the nearest park and look closely. Or, better, you can simply watch them through our lens. Visit us everyday as we update shots of these critters. All of the insects in our insect blog are not rare creatures found in remote parts of the globe. They are the wild of our own! They grow in our very own gardens and backyards. They are the perfect Indian insect species!

(Note: Extreme care was taken to see that these creatures were not harmed in any way while shooting. We wanted to shoot them in their natural habitat.)

We have included points of interest in every post, so you can truly appreciate these creatures. But please remember, we are not experts and we know only as much as you do. So some notes may be amateurish. We are, of course, taking extensive help of the experts from various forums to identify and tell us more about these creatures. We have made a mention of these people in every post. You can contact them anytime if your interest is stirred.

Enjoy your stay with these beasts of the grasses!