Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lemon Pansy Butterfly

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Photographer: Neelima

Insect Scout: Neelima

Location: Miryalaguda, AP, India

Species Identifier(s): Wallby1 (

Points to appreciate:
  • Observe the dark eye-like spots on its wing. They probably are predatory deterrents.
  • Also notice the dark color of its wing. During the dry season the colors go pale so that the butterfly can camouflage itself by appearing like a dry leaf.
  • Observe how even its eyes and body are similarly brown in color.
Wikipedia Notes:
  • Its scientific name is Junonia lemonias. It belongs to the family Nymphalidae.
  • These species are common to South Asia.
  • It is found in gardens, fallow land, and open wooded areas.
  • The wet and dry season forms differ considerably in coloration and even shape.
  • In the wet season form the markings are distinct and vivid and the wing shape is a little more rounded.
  • In the dry season form the markings are obscure and pale especially on the underside and the wing margin is more angular and jagged. This helps it camouflage in the dried leaf-litter.
  • The Lemon pansy is a very active butterfly and can be seen basking with its wings open facing the sun.
  • It sits very low to the ground and can be approached easily.

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