Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tawny Coster Butterfly

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Photographer: Neelima

Insect Scout: Neelima

Location: Miryalaguda, AP, India

Species Identifier(s): Wallby1 (

Points to appreciate:
  • Observe its leathery wings. This insect has a weak flight.
  • This insect is a slow flyer and yet is avoided by most predators.
  • The reason is this insect gives out a smelly oily substance that is distasteful for most insect eaters.
I will post the catterpillar of this species tommorrow.

Wikipedia Notes:
  • The scientific name of this specie is Acraea terpsicore
  • This belongs to the Nymphalidae or brush-footed butterfly family.
  • The butterfly is found in India and Sri Lanka. It si common all the year round and is equally at home in forest clearings and in open country.
  • Though mainly seen at low elevations it has been recorded at heights of up to 7000 feet in south India and sometimes in the North.
  • The butterfly breeds on plants of the family Loganiaceae and species of Passiflora many of which contain toxins that are sequestered by the caterpillars.

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