Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tawny Coster Caterpillar

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Photographer: deadmanswill

Insect Scout: deadmanswill

Location: Miryalaguda, AP, India

Species Identifier(s): wallaby1 (

Points to appreciate:
  • Notice the fine spikes on its body are further branching off even finer needles. These are its predatory deterrents.
  • The bright color is probably is a warning of its toxins.
Tomorrow I will post a short video of this caterpillar.

Wikipedia Notes:
  • The butterfly breeds on plants of the family Loganiaceae and species of Passiflora many of which contain toxins that are sequestered by the caterpillars.
  • This is a butterfly of the hills as well as the plains. It is plentiful in the pre-monsoon and monsoon period and becomes scarce later on.
  • It belongs to the Nymphalidae or brush-footed butterfly family.

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